Set yourself apart with branding that is stylish, beautiful, and uniquely you.

As a business owner, you probably know the importance of beautiful branding, but maybe you’re afraid to take the plunge toward polished perfection.

You know you need something more refined, (that ready-made Etsy logo isn’t reflecting the expert that you are), but how do you know whether your designer will be able to tap into and match your vision for your brand?

You’ve heard stories about branding increasing bottom lines, and you’re intrigued, but how do you decide when it’s the right time to dive in?

I get it! As a business owner, I understand how important it is that your business feel like it’s yours. I also know that branding can set you apart in your industry and create a polished presence that makes a lasting impression both online and offline.

Branding Design: Logos by Lovely Day Atelier

Here’s how:

Branding can differentiate you from your competition.

Think about this… all those brands you love? I bet their logo, their colors, their fonts, and their brand essence come to mind the minute you think of the brand’s name. Why? Because memorable branding stays with us long after the logo has left our line of sight.

Branding gets you recognized.

The business world might be saturated with competition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out! Beautiful branding will cut through the noise and make your target market realize you’re the one they want.

Branding is so much more than a logo (but it is that too!)

Branding is your business’s visual calling card. It’s what gets you noticed and makes you memorable. While a logo is absolutely an important piece of the puzzle, in today’s fast moving world, your entire visual presence needs to quickly make an impression. Great branding can make all the difference!

There are three main ways I help my clients get their brand identity in tip-top shape:

Brand Refresh

Maybe you’ve invested in branding in the past, but your brand is looking a little dated, or just feels out of alignment with how your business has grown over the years. A Brand Refresh is just the thing you need to rejuvenate your brand and make it shiny and new again.

Starting at $750

Brand Basics

It’s always a good idea to start with the basics. If you’re considering diving into the branding pool it might be a little overwhelming as you think about all the areas where branding can benefit your business. If you want to get a solid brand foundation as a starting point, my Brand Basics service is just the ticket.

Starting at $1,100

Full Brand

This is for that brand that is ready to take things to the ultimate next level. A full branding experience means you will walk away with a cohesive identity and design in everything you put out to the market. While this will vary from industry to industry, one thing is certain: a Full Brand means your business will get the makeover of a lifetime.

Starting at $1,500

All of my branding packages are custom because every business is at a unique spot on their branding journey and no two projects will ever be identical. Rather than make you pay for a bunch of items that you may not want, I’ll help you create a custom package that gives you all the tools you need to make your branding stand out. Whether you just need a logo, or an entire suite of design elements, I can put together a perfect package for you. Just ask!

Want to know what past clients have to say about working with me?

“Also – can I say I think this logo concept is genius! I adore the apple. I have been having some feedback that my moon logo and branding is too airy fairy feeling and some participants have felt their schools would not take it seriously. This logo really brings the world of traditional teaching wisdom with the symbol of the apple. Just wanted to share how much I feel it fits. It takes away the airy fairy and brings a feeling of tried and true teaching wisdom. Love that. Yay!”
– Sally Haughey, Fairy Dust Teaching

No matter which package you choose, you’ll get branding that matches your business and personality. We’ll go through a fun discovery process that gives me a backstage pass to your brand, your story, and your why and I’ll use that behind the scenes info to create a meaningful, thoughtful, and beautiful brand just for you.

Ready to find out how we can work together to bring your brand to life?