Beautiful branding for stylish and modern businesses

You’re ready to put yourself out there, make a bigger impact on your community, finally show everyone what you’re made of but maybe you’re wondering:
“Will my logo tell clients what I do?”
Or “Will my visual identity feel like me?”

As a business owner you probably know the power that branding can have on your bottom line.

Maybe you’ve even decided that now is the right time to hire a professional, but you’re worried about whether the designer will get you, or whether your brand will feel like your brand when the new designs arrive in your inbox.

DIYing your brand can work for a while, but if you want a truly cohesive brand that’s stylish, compelling and authentic, it pays to bring in a professional.

The fact is: your branding permeates everything you do in your business. Whether it’s a logo, design elements on your website, or the design of your ebook or digital products, establishing a cohesive look for everything you put out in the market is what will set you apart as an authority in your field.

You can get branding that matches your vision.

You can work with a designer who understands exactly what you need and will bring it to life.

Your branding can add value to your business and create that polished presence you desire.

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you create a brand identity, but if creating visuals is not in your zone of genius it can be frustrating to spend hours creating a logo or an ebook only to have it fall flat when it hits your website or sales page.


That’s where I can help!

I’m Jessica Suhr, owner and lead designer of Lovely Day Atelier. I’m a branding and publication designer who creates vibrant and stylish graphics for clients who want to express their brand in their own unique way. I work with creative business owners who are passionate about their work and want everything they put out into the world to be polished and beautiful.

Your brand envisioned in a whole new way

I came into graphic design by way of architecture with formal education including a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Art and Design and a Bachelor of Architecture.

My background has given me a unique vantage point when it comes to design, as I can envision a holistic view of your brand and materials from the outset. I have both in-house and agency experience, as well as my current role as an entrepreneur, so I guess you could say I have worn many hats and have seen a lot of different sides of how businesses work.

I’ve loved art and design as far back as I can remember. I was always the one that ended up designing the group presentation or volunteering to layout the newsletter, but in high school I didn’t really understand how powerful graphic design could be or how many businesses really needed help in that arena.

So I studied architecture in college because buildings have so many exciting conditions to respond to – site, environment, the client’s program, zoning, neighborhood overlays, sustainability, style, history – it’s very exciting to come up with a clever and beautiful solution. But over time I came to understand that the actual practice of being an architect is agonizingly slow and regulated by so many rules and agencies, that it was clear that I wasn’t going to be happy in that field.

I’d enjoyed creating beautiful presentation drawings in architecture school, working as a layout designer for various campus publications and realized that was the type of work I really wanted to be doing. That’s when Lovely Day Atelier was born. Read more about why I became a graphic designer.

I now have a career helping business owners create beautiful, unique solutions that bring their wildest dreams and product ideas to life.

My process will get you from puzzled to polished.

I love working with clients to bring their brand dreams to life. When you work with me, we’ll go through a branding process that is anything but boring to make sure you get all the elements you need for your ebook, opt-in, logo, or launch. All of my designs and packages are custom created just for you with your specific design direction in mind.

Ready to find out how we can make your vision a reality?


In case you came to this page to learn a little more about me, here are some fun facts:
  • I used to be a ski patroller at a super small ski hill in southern Indiana. Both of my parents were ski patrollers (my dad for over 30 years). I learned a ton of useful skills like how to handle frightened people under pressure and how to yell at teenagers for skiing too fast. It was fun while it lasted and lucky for me, I never saw anything too scary.
  • I really want to try my hand at raising chickens and if that goes well, maybe a few goats… I’m looking forward to some farm animal antics!
  • I am map obsessed. I’ve always found cartography to be a super interesting art and I have the map collection to prove it, including one massive, wall-sized, (seriously like the whole wall of a room) geologic map of the state of Kentucky.
  • I was a DJ in college, both on the radio and at a bar. DJing at the bar and hosting dance parties with one of my best friends for tons of awesome people every week was definitely one of the highlights of my college years. I still love a good dance party but there’s no way I could stay up ’til 4am and deal with crazy drunk people requests anymore!
  • Estate sales, antique stores, and flea markets are my jam. Seeing how taste, style, and functionality have evolved over time is super interesting to me and yes, I am a bit of a hoarder but Marie Kondo helps me keep it in check!

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So that’s me, now tell me a little about you!