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The Good and Bad of Using the Timely App for Time Tracking

For business owners, time is our greatest asset. When we’re unproductive, we don’t make money. That’s why I love the free Timely time tracking app for planning out my weeks and closely monitoring how I use my time. With the Timely app, you can create project time blocks…

Stay on Top of Your Job Search with Trello

When you’re looking for a new job, it can be incredibly overwhelming to keep track of all the different opportunities and where you’re at with the jobs you’ve applied for and the ones you need to follow up on and the ones you have yet to apply for. A spreadsheet can be super helpful…

What Does Atelier Even Mean?

No, I didn’t steal Atelier from Gossip Girl. I first learned that word in my second year of architecture school and it stuck with me ever since. Atelier is the french word for workshop and in English…